maeghan smulders

Hi! I'm a tall, homeschooled, well traveled, terrible speller, who loves ice cream, building things and is hilarious at times.

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What's my story?

When I graduated from university, I had no idea what to do with my life, so I founded ProjectONE12 - an initiative to redefine job hunting and internship at 10 different companies in 112 days across North America. I ended up in Montreal, Canada and joined PasswordBox, a tech startup as Director of Marketing. I got to launch our product from beta, raise venture capital funding, win best app at CES 2015 and reach millions of users worldwide. After 18 months of crazy adventures, PasswordBox was acquired by Intel.

Today, I invest myself in various fields but focus on growth and strategic initiatives for True Key by Intel Security - a cross platform app that allows to remove the hassle of passwords and replace it with facial recognition or fingerprint log in. I've been blessed to be nationally recognized for my entrepreneurial work, broadly traveled, built 6 homes in developing countries, written award-nominated academic papers and lead community projects to improve the standard of living for other entrepreneurs in Alberta.


My latest projects

Here are some things i've worked on, and groups I've worked with.

Project One12

Houses for Hope


True Key




Say hello.

I don't usally bite and am sure we'll have great things to talk about.